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GCSE English Language and/ or English Literature

Our work together for GCSE English will be devised for each individual student’s aims and learning style. We’ll begin with a needs analysis session, generally including discussions with student and parent. Some students want to improve skills, such as vocabulary, spelling, sentence structure and punctuation; others are looking to develop their ability for detailed and perceptive analysis or to evaluate text critically. Most students, however, want to improve or maximise their grade. Whatever your level, I can help you achieve your full potential.



A level English

For A level English Language, English Literature or English Language and Literature, I can help you to build your confidence and improve your grade. As an experienced A level English examiner, I can increase your understanding of mark schemes and assessment processes. You can get an insight into everything from planning and writing a top band essay, to knowing what is required when writing about the influence of context or demonstrating expertise in the use of English to communicate in different ways. I cover all exam boards, including AQA, Edexcel and OCR, using the specific exam texts you are studying.



11+ Entrance Exams

If you would like your child to be fully prepared for 11+ entrance exams, I can help. I’ll discuss your child’s needs and aspirations with you and can be involved in the entire process from initial assessment to interview preparation. I can cover all aspects of the entrance exams (both GL and CEM): English, Mathematics and Reasoning (Verbal, Non-Verbal and Numerical) as required. I can also help your child with revision and exam technique, enabling your child to achieve their full potential.



13+ Common Entrance

Independent schools aim to assess the potential and gauge the ability of prospective students through Common Entrance exams or exams set by the school. Places are awarded to students with the best examination and interview performance. There is no doubt that familiarisation with question types and the way marks are awarded helps in preparation for entrance exams. Thorough preparation and extensive practise with me, will give your child the confidence and skills in both the exams and at interview to achieve their very best.


KS2 & KS3


I make sure that the foundations of addition and subtraction, multiplication and division are in place. Using rapid recall of facts and strategies, pencil and paper procedures, estimating and checking results of calculations, your child will practise arithmetic and reasoning. If, for example, your child struggles to understand worded problems or is new to algebra, I can help. I can also provide you with up-to-date information about the new-style SATs tests, how they are marked and what the new scores mean.

KS2 & KS3


I can help your child develop their skills in reading comprehension and writing composition. We’ll explore a wealth of resources, including fiction, poetry, drama and non-fiction texts.  We can do extension work to develop you child’s knowledge and understanding or foundation work to reinforce skills such as grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary. I can also provide you with recommended reading lists to engage your child’s interest and increase their motivation to read. I can offer guidance on helping and encouraging your child to learn happily.



English as a Foreign Language

I am a first language British English speaker and can work with you on improving your speaking and pronunciation to give you the confidence to communicate internationally with other speakers of English. I have a 'Received Pronunciation' accent and frequent, structured conversations with me will help you understand the British English accent. I can also help you prepare for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic or Cambridge English exams including KET, PET, FCE and Advanced (CAE), and general and business English exams. Most of my clients are either international students or business people requiring preparation prior to visiting the UK or US.